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The Ladies Section at Yelverton is a very active and sociable part of the golf club.

We are a very welcoming and friendly bunch and joining our club is a great way to make new friends whether you are a complete beginner, a seriously competitive player or are returning after a break.

Age makes no difference. As you get older you may lose some strength, but you can develop other skills! We have competitive ladies in their 80s happily playing alongside our younger members.

You can choose whether your play is mainly competitive or social – or both! You don’t have to be a low handicap golfer to enjoy all the benefits of the game at Yelverton.

There is a varied programme of organised golf throughout the year, from serious competitive golf to more social, informal team games where ladies of all levels are encouraged to mix.

By opting to represent the club in a team in a County League or Friendly, you have the opportunity to discover other beautiful courses in Devon.

There are plenty of Open and Mixed Golf Competitions available and opportunities to enjoy the excellent hospitality offered in our lovely clubhouse.


Photography by David James and Andy Young Photography