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Open Competitions

[3BBB Open scheduled for 10/4/24 has been cancelled. Visitors please contact the Office for entry fee refunds, 01822 852824]

We look forward to welcoming you to Yelverton Golf Club.

Please follow this link to see our list of Open Competitions, details and prices on HowDidiDo where you can book now.

Telephone 01822 852824 or email [email protected].

Open Competitions



1st A Cade & T Penrose, 46pts

2nd D Bunclark & S Baker, 44pts

3rd P Woods & D Kirby, 43pts (ocb)

4th S Rudd & C Rudd, 43pts

5th S Seward & P Millar, 42pts

6th N Baker & J Baker, 41pts (ocb)

7th P Nesbitt & R Nesbitt, 41pts

8th H Piper & D Yearsley, 40pts (ocb)


(Players must have at least 5 Competition scores in their last 20 (or less) on WHS to win a prize.)

D Bunclark & S Baker – £108.00ea

P Woods & D Kirby – £94.50ea

S Rudd & C Rudd – £81.00ea

S Seward & P Millar – £67.50ea

N Baker & J Baker – £54.00ea

P Nesbitt & R Nesbitt – £40.50ea

H Piper & D Yearsley – £27.00ea

K Blaber & M Blaber – £13.50ea

All prizes will be held, and can be redeemed, in the YGC Pro-Shop.


There were 10 two’s with each two receiving £26.40.

Members 2’s will be credited to their Pro-Shop account and visitors can collect the equivalent of golf balls from the Pro-Shop.

R Northey, J Baker, K Bowen, P Holt

G Hawking, K Blaber, G Brain, S Rosewell

M Taylor, A Samuels

YGC Mixed Greensomes Open – 24/9/23 – RESULTS

1st L. Collier & D. Collier (Tavistock), 43 pts

2nd D. Baxter & A. Baxter (Lyme Regis), 40 pts

3rd M Preston-Jones & N. Preston-Jones (Yelverton), 38 pts – Best Yelverton Pair, Carnival Cup Winner

4th G. Jarvis & D. Hussell (Yelverton), 36 pts (ocb)


There was 1 two.

D. Hussell

YGC Ladies 4BBB Open – 11/9/23 – RESULTS

1st        G Wootton & J Glover (St Mellion), 43pts, £100

2nd       K Cheeseman & C Burgess (Bude), 42pts, £80

3rd       T Scanlan & C Mayer (Dartmouth), 41pts (ocb), £50

4th       G Mason & J-A Jenkins (YGC), 41pts (ocb). £30

NTP 6th – C Burgess (Bude)

NTP 12th – C Mayer (Dartmouth)


There was 1 two receiving 36 golf balls:-

Kay Dinsdale

All prizes can be redeemed in (and collected from) the YGC Pro-Shop. YGC members prizes will be credited to your Pro-Shop account.

YGC Mens 4BBB – 9/9/23 – Results

1st        R Taylor & A Simpson, 47pts, £184 [£92.00ea]

2nd       D Richards & P Kilpatrick, 45pts (ocb), £161 [£80.50ea]

3rd       R Davey & L Chubb, 45pts, £138 [£69.00ea]

4th       T Body & B Hadfield, 44pts, £115 [£57.40ea]

5th       W Dawkins & M Seward, 42pts (ocb), £92.00 [£46.00ea]

6th       M Lewis & M Hicks, 42pts, £69.00 [£34.50ea]

7th       M Harding & N Arundel, 41pts (ocb), £46.00 [£23.00ea]

8th       J Crocker & J Bracher, 41pts, £23.00 [£11.50ea]


There were 16 two’s, each two receiving a sleeve of Titleist Pro V1 balls.

S Evans, D Kayes, M Hicks, M Blampey, S Seward, T Veale, O James, D Richards,

P Hendy, C O’Sullivan, R Curran, C Morris, G Thomas, P Davis, C Penprase,

L Chubb

All prizes can be collected and redeemed in the YGC Pro-Shop. YGC members prizes will be credited to your Pro-Shop account.

YGC 3BBB OPEN – 30/8/23


1st        J Nicholls, S Humphreys, J West, 82pts – £155 (£51.66pp)

2nd       C Morris, M Jones, C Furnival, 81pts (ocb) – £136 (£45.33pp)

3rd       S O’Mahoney, A Curnow, S Ford, 81pts (ocb) – £117 (£39pp)

4th       S Seward, P Millar, M Seward, 81pts – £98 (£32.66pp)

5th       M Dove, C Kinson, I Jones, 80pts (ocb) – £76 (£25.33pp)

6th       G Naylor, P Oliver, R Lee, 80pts (ocb) – £57 (£19pp)

7th       I Canty, D Bloor, M Penney, 80pts – £38 (£12.66pp)

8th       D White, M Hatton, J Walsh,78pts – £19 (£6.33pp)


There were 17 two’s, each two receiving a sleeve of Titleist Tour Speed golf balls:-

R Coles, H Woolway, N Fry, J Smyth, I Canty, M Penney, B Pulley, P Bolton (x2),

R Hallam, L Bottomley, P Broadey, S Seward, A Curnow, G Cuff, I Jones, A Henley

All prizes can be collected and redeemed in the YGC Pro-Shop. YGC members prizes will be credited to your Pro-Shop account.

YGC Mens Over 50s Senior Open – 7/8/23

Results and Prizes

Handicap Competition

1st        L Doggart, 38pts (ocb), £87.20

2nd       D Mallafre, 38pts (ocb), £76.30

3rd        A Cade, 38pts, £65.40

4th        C Cornish, 37pts (ocb), £54.50

5th        T Allsopp, 37pts (ocb), £43.60

6th        J Reynolds, 37pts, £32.70

7th        R Osborne, 36pts (ocb), £21.80

8th        B Gullick, 36pts (ocb), £10.90

Scratch Competition

1st        R Osborne, 34pts, £83.00

2nd       T Allsopp, 33pts, £66.40

3rd        T Aggett, 32pts (ocb), £49.80

4th        C Audin, 32pts, £33.20

5th        A Clark, 31pts (ocb), £16.60


There were 8 two’s receiving £21.25 per two.

C Diggle, S Seward, S Brittain, L Doggart, J Crocker, T Aggett, A Best, R Osborne

All vouchers can be collected from, and redeemed in, the YGC Pro-Shop.

Vets Over 60’s Open – 12 June 2023


1st D Rundle & S Hopkins, 42pts (ocb), Elfordleigh

2nd A Turner & A Davis, 42pts (ocb), R Castle

3rd W Webb & P Allison, 42pts (ocb), Torquay

YGC members and Mixed teams

1st P Baker & T Tucker, 45pts (ocb), YGC

2nd R Day & C LeCointe, 45pts (ocb), YGC & iGolfer

3rd G Rumbold & I Jeffrey, 45pts (ocb), YGC & Trevose

4th P Adams & P Long, 44pts (ocb), YGC

5th J Lidstone & K Manley, 44pts (ocb), YGC

Bob Griffin Trophy (YGC members only)

P Baker and T Tucker, 45pts


J Lidstone, G Rumbold, D James, J Renwick, P Davis (x2) – all YGC

C LeCointe – iGolfer

A Cole, S Morton – both East Devon

W Webb – Torquay

D Cowler – Sidmouth

B Lewis – Mendip

Nearest the Pin’s

1st – G Rumbold – YGC

6th – B Lewis – Mendip

15th – K Blaber – YGC

Ladies 3BBB Open – results from 5/6/23

1st        P Weston, J Wailes, H Green, 75pts (ocb)

2nd       S King, D Sobey, A Barrett, 75pts

3rd        R Kikidas, S O’Sullivan, J Jenkins, 74pts

4th        D Helmore, T Kennard, J Hibberd, 72pts (ocb)

Nearest the Pin

6th        M Rawsthorn

12th      M Turnball


Sally Errett, Jo-Anne Jenkins

Mixed Open, 4BBB – 14/5/23


1st  E Bird & R Williams, 46pts, £120 (£60ea)

2nd J Jenkins & A Jenkins, 45pts (ocb), £90 (£45ea)

3rd P Thomas & E Thomas, 45pts (ocb), £60 (£30ea)

4th P Woods & L Woods, 45pts (ocb), £40 (£20ea)

5th S Bordier & J Byrne, 45pts (ocb), £30 (£15ea)

Sir Francis Drake trophy (best Yelverton Pair) = J Jenkins and A Jenkins

Nearest the pin (6th hole) = P Hardick

YGC Ladies Div 1 and 2 OPEN – 24/4/23


Div 1

1st A Burchell, 37pts [£45]

2nd F Harbron, 36pts [£35]

3rd K Friendship, 34pts (ocb) [£20]

4th R O’Callaghan, 34pts (ocb) [£10]

Div 2

1st A Coulton, 33pts [£45]

Scratch winner

A Burchell, [79] – £20

Best Net

Div 1 – A Burchell, Hall Trophy

Div 2 – A Coulton, Kelly Cup

Nearest the Pin

6th hole – A Coulton

12th hole – G Jarvis


L Pascoe, G Jarvis, C Theyer


1st P Millar & S Seward, 46pts (ocb) [£112; £56ea]

2nd D Bunclark & J Hull, 46pts [£98; £49ea]

3rd C Hodge & H Richardson, 45pts (ocb) [£84; £42ea]

4th M Harding & J Turfrey, 45pts [£70; £35ea]

5th C O’Sullivan & J Stein, 44pts [£56; £28ea]

6th G Sweet & S Weeks, 43pts (ocb) [£42; £21ea]

7th A Finlay & A Thorne, 43pts (ocb) [£28; £14ea]

8th I McGown & C McGown, 43pts (ocb) [£14; £7ea]

All prizes will be held, and can be redeemed, in the Pro-Shop.


There were 19 two’s with each two receiving 5 balls to be collected from the Pro-Shop.

P Tuckwell, M Graygoose, J Lucas, J Bond, K Dixon

S Bazneh, J Stein, M Cheetham, C Pearson, L Waterfield

T Smith, C Hodge, D Bunclark, M Khan, P Hobbs

A Forster, M Halford, S Brown, J Turfrey

Congratulations to YGC’s Mr John Lucas for his ‘hole in one’ at the 6th.

Mens 3BBB Open – results from 12/4/23

1st R Northey, S Treglown, C Chapman, 71pts (ocb) – £144 (£48pp)

2nd D Hyslop, K Blaber, S Bazneh, 71pts – £126 (£42pp)

3rd J Pritchard, R Cheadle, K Grant, 69pts – £108 (£36pp)

4th A Moon, B Reid, C Rogers, 67pts – £90 (£30pp)

5th C Hodge, H Richardson, P West, 65pts – £72 (£24pp)

6th N Kowalski, P Tuckwell, G Keppie, 62pts (ocb) – £54 (£18pp)

7th S O’Mahony, S Ford, A Curnow, 62pts – £36 (£12pp)

8th K Fisher, S Whitefield, G Cheffey, 61pts (ocb) – £18 (£6pp)


There was one (1) two……., A. Moon (6th hole) receiving 4 dozen golf balls.

All prizes will be held in the Pro-Shop.

Mixed Greensomes Open – 18/9/22

1st – S. Baxter & C. Rowe – Torquay & Dainton

2nd – S. Burley & C Stafford – East Devon

3rd – J. Tindall-Jones & K. Norris – Yelverton

4th – J. Moir & J. Butcher – Yelverton


Nearest the Pin – 6th hole = G. Mason – Yelverton

Nearest the Pin -12th hole = M Blampey – Yelverton

Two’s = G. Mason & M. Phillips; M. Wisdom & J. Wisdom

Ladies 4BBB Open – Sept 2022

1st – R. Horn & S. Haslam – 45pts

2nd – K. Friendship & S. Hoff – 44pts (ocb)

3rd – A. Ashley & M. Preston-Jones – 44pts

4th – R. O’Callaghan & D. Barker – 43pts

5th – J. Rotchell & J. Brookes – 41pts

Nearest the Pin:-

Hole 6 – R. O’Callaghan

Hole 12 – C. Theyer

Best Yelverton Pair (not already in the prizes)

A. Ashley & M. Preston-Jones


G. Jarvis @ 6th hole, partnered by B. James


Men’s 4BBB Open – 3rd September 2022


1st – D. James / P. Woods, 45 pts, (£65 Voucher each)

2nd – R. Northey / S. Callender, 44 pts, (£55 Voucher each)

3rd – A. Price / C. O’Sullivan, 43 pts OCB, (£40 Voucher each)

4th – P. Adams / P. Long, 43 pts, (£30 Voucher each)

5th – A. Lightfoot / M. Walton, 42 pts OCB (£20 Voucher each)

6th – D. Parlby / R. Price, 42 pts, (£15 Voucher each)


There were 8 x 2’s recorded each winning £18

Photography by Andy Young Photography

Men’s 3BBB Open – 24th August 2022


1st – D. Baxter, A. Baldwin, P. Bolton, 79pts, £119.44 (£39.80pp)

2nd – N. Theyer, D. James, S. James, 77pts, £104.51 (£34.83pp)

3rd – P. Hendy, T. Kinnaird, N. Sellick, 76pts (ocb), £89.58 (£29.86pp)

4th – J. Sargeant, J. Court, R. Millett, 76pts, £74.65 (£24.88pp)

5th – D. Hall, J. Wills, D. Daldwin, 74pts (ocb), £59.72 (£19.90pp)

6th – P. Taylor, R. Burrows, A. Wills, 74pts (ocb), £44.72 (£14.93pp)

7th – N. Holloway, S. Evans, P. James, 74pts (ocb), £29.86 (£9.95pp)

8th – T. Downing, A. Clegg, D. Morton, 74pts, £14.93 (£4.97pp)



There were 5 two’s each two receiving 8 ProV1 balls.

T. Penrose, J. Wills, R. Northey, T. Downing, N. Holloway


Men’s 50 and Over Open – 9th August 2022

Scratch Competition

1st Chris Audin, 36pts (ocb), Exminster, £50

2nd Kevin Blaber, 36pts, £40

3rd Mark Taylor, 34pts (ocb), Tavistock, £30

4th Simon Calvert, 34pts, Ilfracombe, £20

5th Rick Osborne, 32pts (ocb), Churston, £10

Handicap Competition

1st Simon Calvert, 42pts, Ilfracombe, £80

2nd Peter Adams, 41pts (ocb), £70

3rd Kevin Blaber, 41pts, £60

4th Alan Peppiatt, 40pts, Carlyon Bay, £50

5th Paul Clahane, 39pts, Trevose, £40

6th Mark Taylor, 38pts (ocb), Tavistock, £30

7th Douglas Fletcher, 38pts (ocb), China Fleet, £20

8th Stephen Allum, 38pts (ocb), £10

(Visitors please collect voucher’s from YGC Pro-Shop)


There were 15 two’s each receiving 3 ProV1 golf balls (please collect from Pro-Shop)

D. Fletcher (China Fleet), J. Lucas, J. Alton (Carlyon Bay), J. Stein (x2), A. Cowles, R. Jenkins (Cotswold Edge), A. Jenkins, R. Osborne (Churston), G. Jeffrey, S. Calvert (Ilfracombe), C. Davey, S. Allum, I. Gascoigne, D. Glanville

Veterans 60s and Over 4BBB Open – 27th July 2022

A great turnout for our Vets 4BBB Open, a successful day! Congratulations to the winners…


1st – Andrew Treleaven / Stewart Bradley from Lanhydrock – 45 ocb

2nd – John Barnard / Paul Renken from Sidmouth – 45 ocb

3rd – David Cowler / Neville Taylor from Sidmouth and Tiverton – 44

Yelverton Members and Visitors:

1st – Bob Nesbit / Colin Cornish – 48

2nd – Terry Ash / Chris Willis – 46

3rd – Nigel Kowalski / George Keppie – 45 ocb

4th – Andy Jenkins / Paul Isaac – 45 ocb

5th – Roger Callicott / Geoff Callicott – 44

There were 15 two’s and nearest to pin winners were:

1st Hole – Steve Turpin – Exeter

6th Hole – Brian Bradford – Warren

15th Hole in Two – Pete Wilson – Warren


Men’s 3BBB Open -15th June 2022

The weather was glorious for our Men’s 3BBB Open with over 100 entries, a successful day!

Congratulations to our winners…

1st – S. James, D. James & D. Morton, £150 (£50each) – 80pts (ocb)

2nd – P. Mitchelmore, G. Jeffrey & S. Hancock, £132 (£44each) – 80pts

3rd – D. Mallafre, D. Carty & B. Gullick, £105 (£35each) – 78pts

4th – P. Adams, G. Keppie & P. Long, £81 (£27each) – 75pts

5th – A. Clark, A. Phillips & G. Steenson, £60 (£20each) – 74pts (ocb)

6th = R. Price, K. Grant & R. Day, £45 (£15each) – 74pts

7th = D. Hyslop, K. Blaber & P. Hendy, £30 (£10each) – 71pts (ocb)

There were 5 two’s, each receiving 3 sleeves of ProV1x balls :

Kevin Blaber
Paul Tuckwell
Robert Taylor
Paul Mitchelmore
David Parlby


Ladies 3BBB Open -13th June 2022

A very successful Ladies 3BBB Open with 69 people entering from across Devon and Cornwall.

Congratulations to our Yelverton members Sue Gullick, Jo-Anne Jenkins and Rosamund Kikidas for coming in 1st place with 83 points.

In 2nd place was Tania Wickham, Pauline Marais and Victoria Wheatley with 80 points.

Third place was Belinda Mc Sherry, Lyn Swift and Fran Horton with 73 points.

Nearest to pin was won by Yelverton member, Sue Gulick and St Mellion member, Glennis Wootton.

Well done to all the Ladies that entered. It was a great day with a fantastic turnout!

Photography by Andy Young Photography


Ladies Open 1&2 Division – 25th April 2022

The weather was excellent for our Ladies’ Open with over 40 entries.

The winners were…

Division 1
Serena Skinner from Teign Valley 38 points £40
Karen Whitby from China Fleet 37 points OCB £30
Sue Baxter from Torquay 37 points OCB £20
Amanda Coleridge from Teignmouth 36 points OCB £15
Teresa Holt from Yelverton. 36 points OCB £10

Division 2
Kathryn Protheroe from Teignmouth 35 points OCB £40
Sheila Lang from Yelverton 35 points OCB £30

Division 1 Nearest the Pin
Toni Jones from Torquay £11

Division 2 Nearest the Pin
Not Awarded

Scratch Prize
Gilly Jarvis from Yelverton. 30points £28

Photography by Andy Young Photography

Men’s 4BBB – 23rd April 2022

A challenging day on the course with over 150 competitors from around the South West and beyond.

Congratulations to the winners…

1st – Simon Pickthall / Dan Wardle with 44 points ocb winning £80 each

2nd – Shaun Wilcox / Mike Lewis with 44 points winning £70 each

3rd – Chris Pearson / Frazer Reed with 42 points ocb winning £60 each

4th – Ryan Acres / M Ford with 42 points winning £55 each

5th – Ian Thomas / Mike Godkin with 42 points winning £50 each

6th – Cody Petherick / Lewis Pringle with 41 points winning £40 each

7th – Seb Treglown / Simon Callender with 41 points winning £40 each

8th – Archie Somerville / Trevor Downing with 41 points winning £35 each

9th – Peter Wright / R Read with 41 points winning £25 each

There were 12 x Two’s recorded, each receiving 6 ProV1 balls per two!