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Open Competitions

We look forward to welcoming you to Yelverton Golf Club.

Please follow this link to see our list of Open Competitions, details and prices on HowDidiDo where you can book now.

Telephone 01822 852824 or email [email protected].

Open Competitions

Ladies 3BBB Spring OPEN – 10/6/24 – Results and Prizes


1st        H Green, P Drake, J Tate, 77pts, (£105, £35pp)

2nd       B McSherry, N Gawman, F Lovell, 76pts, (£75, £25pp)

3rd        D Helmore, J Hibberd, T Kennard, 72pts (ocb) (£60, £20pp)

4th        S Shobrook, V Lee-Comyn, J Wragg, 72 pts, (£30, £10pp)

5th        D Harmer, T Stokes, J Courts, 66pts, (£21, £7pp)


Nearest the Pin

6th        E Emmerson

12th      None recorded


Two’s (36 golf balls)

A Pritchard


All prizes/vouchers can be collected and redeemed at YGC Pro-Shop.

Mixed Greensomes Open – 12/5/24

1st  – Bev and Gary Sullivan, 42pts, – £100 [£50ea]

2nd  – Graham Maskell and Dawn Lyon, 41pts (ocb) – £80 [£40ea]

3rd  – David and Janet Lavelle, 41pts – £60 [£30ea]

4th  – Jan and Neil Hayman, 40pts (ocb) – £50 [£25ea]

5th – Hugh Dorliac and Gerri Whitrow, 40pts – £30 [£15ea]

Two’s = No two’s recorded.

Mark Cooper & Anne Steele Arnett, and, George and Sue Rumbold got a gross birdie 3 on the 3rd hole (SI=18, Par 4).

4 sleeves of golf balls per pair.


6th – Neil Hayman

12th – Bev Sullivan

Francis Drake Trophy (Spring Open) winner – best YGC pair

Jo-Anne and Andy Jenkins

All vouchers and prizes redeemable in the YGC Pro-Shop.

Ladies Div 1 & 2 OPEN – 29/4/24 – Results

Div 1

1st B McSherry, 35pts [£35]

2nd T Holt, 33pts [£25]

3rd A Coleridge, 31pts [£20]

4th S O’Sullivan, 30pts (ocb) [£13]

Div 2

1st S Rumbold, 28pts [£35]

Best Nett (YGC Player)

Div 1 – T Holt, Hall Trophy

Div 2 – S Rumbold, Kelly Cup

Best Scratch score

G Jarvis [87]

Nearest the Pin

6th hole – M Preston-Jones

12th hole – M Preston-Jones

Two’s (Draw) – sleeve of golf balls

D Friend, S Gullick, T Jones, A Read, S Rumbold, A Coleridge, K Whitby

All prizes can be redeemed/collected at YGC Pro-Shop.



1st A Cade & T Penrose, 46pts

2nd D Bunclark & S Baker, 44pts

3rd P Woods & D Kirby, 43pts (ocb)

4th S Rudd & C Rudd, 43pts

5th S Seward & P Millar, 42pts

6th N Baker & J Baker, 41pts (ocb)

7th P Nesbitt & R Nesbitt, 41pts

8th H Piper & D Yearsley, 40pts (ocb)


(Players must have at least 5 Competition scores in their last 20 (or less) on WHS to win a prize.)

D Bunclark & S Baker – £108.00ea

P Woods & D Kirby – £94.50ea

S Rudd & C Rudd – £81.00ea

S Seward & P Millar – £67.50ea

N Baker & J Baker – £54.00ea

P Nesbitt & R Nesbitt – £40.50ea

H Piper & D Yearsley – £27.00ea

K Blaber & M Blaber – £13.50ea

All prizes will be held, and can be redeemed, in the YGC Pro-Shop.


There were 10 two’s with each two receiving £26.40.

Members 2’s will be credited to their Pro-Shop account and visitors can collect the equivalent of golf balls from the Pro-Shop.

R Northey, J Baker, K Bowen, P Holt

G Hawking, K Blaber, G Brain, S Rosewell

M Taylor, A Samuels